Monday, May 13, 2013

We know exactly where we just isn't where we should be!

Day 7 - Charles Lindbergh State Park to Buffalo 78.9 miles

Mother Nature was cranky today!!!!!!!

We enjoyed terrific views of the river this morning but were surprised to see chunks of ice floating along.  We passed 3 dams within just miles of each other....the Mississippi is definitely working hard!  Unfortunately, we battled head winds all day long.....we really did earn every inch!  I don't think we have ever worked so hard.  At times it was a struggle just to stay on the bike.  Having said that our spirits were constantly buoyed by people wishing us well and safe travels....kind, but I really just wanted someone to give me a ride.

Dam on the Mississippi River

In addition to the wind, we faced rain and sleet in the morning and then the temperature went to about 80 degrees....I truly believe that Mother Nature just wants to remind us who is in charge!

Rob's navigational skills have been impecable ....until 1pm today!  At exactly 1:05 pm we veered right and the MRT went left...WHO KNEW?  Of course, we didn't realize our mistake for several miles as the signage in Minnesota can be extremely confusing. The same road has a street name, a county name and a State name...and then what the locals call it.  We have struggled to get a detailed county map so we have basically been flying blind.....our only indication that we were travelling the right direction was the intensity of the southern wind!  To make a long story short we ended in Buffalo.....about 20 miles west of our target.  The good news.....we didn't fight!

The highlights of the day.... first surviving -second has to be St. Cloud, home of the St. Cloud Huskies!  (their logo looks a lot like the Montreal Canadiens logo, but we wont hold that against them.....GO Canucks! (next year of course!)

St. Cloud stretches for miles along the river, with beautiful old homes (giant front porches), American flags proudly on display and tree lined streets.  It was exactly how I imagine small town America.

St. Cloud, Minnesota

Giggle of the day:  We passed a public storm shelter......thinking back....we should have camped there!

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