Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Driftless area - or are we driftless??

Day 11 - Ferryville to Potosi (Grant River Recreation Area) 83.4 miles

Energized by Jean's coffee and the warm wishes of Mike, Joanne and Teresa we hit the road.  Conditions were absolutely perfect for riding - the rain let up, it was cool, they sky was grey and overcast...these were conditions we were familiar with!  Traffic was light and we enjoyed another morning cycling along the bluffs.  Today they seemed so close that we could almost touch them as we rode along.

Great River Road, Wisconsin

The eagles were soaring almost as if they were showing us the way.  Cardinals..more than we have ever seen, lined the route.  We were in Prairie de Chien (2nd oldest city in Wisconsin, 1673) before we knew it and settled in at the Hungry House Cafe for the Everything but the Kitchen Sink breakfast special!  Highly recommended we would like to add.

Fresh fruit at the Hungry House Cafe, Prairie de Chien, Wisconsin
Our afternoon route took us away from the  river, lots of rolling hills and a few tough climbs, but the panoramic views at the top were worth the climbs.  We were in what is called the driftless area, lots of deep valley ridges and bluffs.  

We ended our day at the Grant River Recreation Area (a US Army Corps. of Engineers site)just outside of Potosi, camped right beside the Mississippi River and enjoyed watching the sun set. 

Grant River Recreation Area on the Mississippi River

View of the Mississippi River from our tent

We met a group of kayakers who invited us to their campsite for a beer and to share stories.  They were getting ready to paddle the Grant River.

Giggle of the day:

Potosi is famous for having the LONGEST Main Street in the world without any intersections....and we rode the entire Main Street twice because we missed our turn.  Yes - we were lost again.  On the bright side, it was all uphill, but there was a beer store at the summit.

Does Budweiser make you wiser?

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