Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hello Wisconsin

Day 9 - Afton State Park to Merrick State Park - Fountain City Wisconsin
90.2 miles

Today was a great day....we started early in the morning and enjoyed a picnic breaky at St. Croix State Park.  We rode through Prescott and made our way to the eastern bank of the Mississippi was great to see the river again after our evening in St. Paul.

Prescott, Wisconsin
We followed the Great River Road for miles, visiting numerous historic sites.  The route is beautiful....bluffs on one side and the river on the other.  Eagles soared above the bluffs.  Our route took us past Lake Pepin, a 28 mile stretch.

Lake Pepin, Wisconsin

Great River Road, Wisconsin

We stopped for a rest break just outside of Pepin.  We were sprawled on a picnic table trying to rid ourselves of the days aches and pains when along came Noel.  Noel noticed our gear and took great delight in talking about his trip down the river to New Orleans some 20 years ago.  He was out training for the Lake Pepin 3 Speed Tour...the goal...go as slow as possible and visit as many coffee shops and bakeries as you can along the way - no lycra allowed!  He invited us to join the other 90 riders for the weekend event.

Dinner was at the Alma bar and cafe just across from Lock #4.  When the gang in the restaurant learned we were from Canada they quickly tested our french as they said we would need it in Canjun country.  We giggled as they taught us how to say bonjour!

We were excited to get to our campsite at Merrick State is a beautiful spot right on the river...but, before we could enjoy the view we enjoyed a HOT SHOWER.....and that's where we met Kurt and Betty.  They kindly told Rob where to find the good water....DON'T DRINK THE STUFF FROM THE FOUNTAIN - IT'S SWAMP WATER!  They were busy settling in to their campsite, hanging up fruit for the birds and lining their entrance way with American flags.  Rob and I wondered if they would notice the fruit missing?  We have really struggled to buy fresh fruit and veggies.....

Giggle of the day:
We woke up at 5am to the sound of  gobble gobble outside our tent.  Two wild turkeys were challenging us to a Turkey Territory battle.    Wild turkeys at 5am - WHO KNEW?

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