Thursday, May 9, 2013

Big Wheels Keep on Turning

Day 2 - May 8 - Seattle, Washington - Amtrak, Empire Builder

The train ride through Montana was awesome .   Glacier National Park is spectacular.....majestic mountains, glaciers, big horn sheep, deer, waterfalls....

Major miles on the train today - travelled through Washington, Idaho, Montana and North Dakota.  Meeting lots of folks on the train...everyone has a story!  Most seem to be on their way to visit family or friends.  It strikes us that the original vision of the railway as a means to unite a country still holds true.  The vastness of the prairies continues to amaze... we try to imagine how the early settlers found the courage to keep going, and how it must have felt after weeks of crossing prairie to be faced with the challenge of finding a pass through Rockies.  It is truly inspiring!
Giggle for the day:

Decided to try out showering on a moving train.  Kind of like standing on a skateboard while getting hosed down -but very refreshing.

Jane has signed us up for a Wine and Cheese tasting seminar on the  train this afternoon as we head into the Prairies.    WHO KNEW ...... you can see from this  picture...little towns along the way take care of the Amtrak folk!