Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mothers Day from the Mississippi River Trail

Day 6 - Pine River to Charles Lindbergh State Park  71.3 miles

Happy Mothers Day to all, and special wishes to Nanna and Grandma.  We hope you were spoiled rotten!

Paul Bunyan Trail, Minnesota

In honour of Mothers Day, we thought it was fitting to find a laundry can imagine the reasons why!  So, we rode the last few miles on the Paul Bunyan trail and sadly said farewell.  Truly a highlight of the trip.  We learned from folks in Little Falls that there are plans to extend the PB trail from Brainerd to St. Cloud.  WOW - GO MINNESOTA!

Paul Bunyan's footprints

Giant Wash -  Brainerd,  Minnesota
We made our way into Brainerd and sought out a laundrymat.  Rob went in first in his head to toe Mountain Equipment Co-op cycling gear, clearly looking like a space alien to the kind folk in Brainerd.  Two lovely ladies quickly recognized him as an outsider and rushed to his assistance....kindly showing him how to work the washing machine.  Seeing this unfold, I quickly took a backseat to the action and enjoyed the show.

We cycled in to Little Falls at dusk....picture perfect, as the sun set on this small quaint town.  Just outside of town is Charles Lindgergh State Park where we made camp....the only people camping I might add, but great news...they had HOT SHOWERS!

Giggle of the day:

As we cycled in to Litte Falls we heard reggae music blasting from a car....of course, we thought of our favourite reggae band, currently on tour in Southern Cal...and available on ITunes - Giraffe Aftermath!

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