Friday, May 10, 2013

Countless Awesomes and are you kidding?

Day 3 - Fargo to Detroit Lakes - 58 miles

Today we had the opportunity to add several chapters to the Book of Awesome.  We left the Fargo train station at 5am after Rob carefully reassembled our bikes....we decided to start riding and as we rounded our first bend we were greeted by a friendly honk of the horn and wave from a driver passing by.  (he did have a bike on his roof maybe it was a fellow crazy!)

Amtrak Fargo - 4am - have you seen the pedals and wrench?
We soon discovered that we had printed the wrong map and were lost in Fargo....a quick stop  at McDonalds for coffee and free wifi and we were on our way.

In our efforts to find a short cut we plotted a route thru the farm fields only to discover the roads were thick gravel.  After struggling along we met a wonderful local who set us straight and got us back on asphalt.  Motivated we plotted a new course to Detroit Lakes only to be faced with strong head winds...we struggled, at times having to get off and walk.    

Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Our spirits were definitely down until another stranger saw us walking, pulled a U-turn and offered to help.  Unbelieveable!  We hopped back on the bikes and continued on when we noticed a white car pull off to the side of the road.  Our amazing Warm Showers hosts Jean and Mike had been watching out of us and pulled over to make sure we had the right directions to their wonderful cottage.  We road along winding roads bordering the lakes...many still with ice.  WHO KNEW?

 Mike and Jean were amazing hosts.....we can not thank them enough for their warmth and hospitality.  

Giggle of the day:

We shared pizza and brew at the Shoreham on Lake Sallie - truly a character place.

Warm Showers Hosts at Shoreham on Lake Sallie

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