Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fame in Ferryville, WI

Day 10  Merrick State Park to Ferryville (Sugar Creek Park Campground)  82.5 miles

We would like to thank Bob Robinson author of Bicycling Guide to the Mississippi River Trail.  As Bob says the guidebook "is a collection of relevant materials for cyclists to use to create their own adventures."  We have been plotting many of our own routes, but today we sought Bob's advice and were thrilled with the route.  Thank you Bob!

This morning we were able to travel over 40 miles on dedicated bike trail....unbelievable.  We cycled through Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge....a conservationists dream!  We saw numerous birds - white pelicans, egrets....the list goes on and on.   

Entrance to Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge

Trampealeau, Wisconsin

After leaving Trempeleau, we joined the Great River Trail - over 20 miles of converted railway covered with crushed limestone.  The scenery was breathtaking.....although the pedalling was a little harder on the gravel - it was worth every minute we spent.  We saw marshland, prairie, trestle bridges, turtles and countless birds!

Great River Trail, Wisconsin

After leaving La Crosse, we were back on the Great River Road.....we were sad to be back on highway, but quickly got over it as we enjoyed the bluffs on one side and the river on the other.....and the Mississippi continues to grow.  It is hard to imagine that only a week ago we walked across her!

Giggle of the day.

We stopped for the night in Ferryville at the Sugar Creek Park Campground - one of the oldest campgrounds in the region.  As we were unloading our gear, we had the honour to meet Sherry and Larry Quamme.  They were incredibly warm and welcoming and shared the story of their son's trip from Canada to New Orleans.  He managed to do the trip in 18 days......legs of steel!

Sugar Creek Park Campground - Ferryville, Wisconsin

Larry and Sherry were busy getting ready for the  Rummage Along the River event.....a giant garage sale spanning 70 miles.  They warned us that we may be woken up in the morning with folks setting up for the event!

Before they left they took our picture of the Ferryville facebook page.....who knows - a star is born?

A storm rolled in overnight...rain, thunder and lighting so we were a little late getting out of bed.  We were savouring our morning coffee and oatmeal, when Jean arrived to set up for the Rummage Along the River event.  She kindly made us a cup of fresh brew....we were just finishing up when Mike and Joanne arrived with a hearty Ferryville welcome, soon to be joined by Teresa.  A friendlier, more welcoming bunch you will never meet.  They talk about southern hospitality, but we think Ferryville has a brand of hospitality all of its own.  Thank you Ferryville.

Should you be planning a trip down the MRT - be sure to check out won't be disappointed.

 or find them on Facebook - ferryvillewitourism

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