Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Welcome to the SWAMP, Natchez Trace Misissippi

Day 27 - Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi to Witch Dance bike only campsite, Mississippi  78.2 miles

As we left Tishomingo we noticed the landscape slowly starting to change and we had our first glimpse of the swamp.  We are sure there are many more to come!  We took a few minutes to enjoy a snack and watch the swamp come to life.  A beaver was busy snacking and cruising around.  He was really curious and came close to the edge to check us out.  Maybe he knew we were Canadian?

Rock outcrops - Tishomingo State Park - Natchez Trace

Beaver moving through the swamp - Natchez Trace

The highlight of our day was coming across a group stranded on the side of the road.  We stopped to see if we could help and because frankly we were very curious.  They were busy working on repairing an antique car - one of three antique cars in their caravan.  We were intrigued as they explained that they were on an adventure from Buenos Aires to New York City...can you imagine?

-2 continents
-12 countries
-11,000 miles
-3 antique motor cars

They had shipped the cars from the UK to Buenos Aires and were on route to New Your City.  What a great group of people and what an expedition.  We are looking forward to following their adventure and of course wish them the best.  Check it out:  www.austinsinamericas.co.uk

Austins in America Adventurers - Natchez Trace

We were hungry and short of supplies so decided to venture off the trail into Tupelo for lunch and a grocery run.  What a culture shock!  After being on back roads, trails and in small towns for days we found ourselves in a city....no bike lanes and heavy traffic.  We had not seen this many people since St.  Louis.  We cut our visit short, grabbed a bite, restocked and got back to the trail as fast as we could.  Tonight we are sharing a cyclist only campsite with a great guy from Memphis named Ralph.  Ralph is riding the Natchez Trace solo (how daring!)  He is going south to north, so we took the opportunity to gather "intel" on our days to come. Ralph had some great tips on camping spots and cafes.  I always smile to myself at the speed a conversation turns to food.  Reminds me of kayak trips with the boys....it is always about the next fill!

As we go to sleep I am thinking about our campsite.  Legend has it the witches come out to dance in the wee hours of the night.  The bald spots in the area are evidence of their presence.  Without thinking we have pitched our tent on a bald spot....I wonder if there will be dancing tonight?

Witch Dance campsite - Natchez Trace

Giggle of the day:

We stopped at one of the historic pullouts and as Rob put down his kick stand...the bike crashed to the ground.  Rob contends that because of the "extra weight" he is carrying the kickstand has buckled under the load!  I argued it broke because of his mashing!  Needless to say Rob has removed the kickstand and ditched the extra weight.....  


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