Monday, June 3, 2013

Sweet Home Alabama

Day 26 - Natchez Trace - Meriwether Lewis campsite, Tennessee to Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi  92.6 miles


3 states (Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi), 3 thunderstorm delays (under a tree, under an overpass and under a bridge) and a remote service call.

Alabama - Tennessee State Line

Mississippi State Line

We began our day visiting the Meriwether Lewis historical site, where famous explorer Lewis (Lewis and Clark) died in 1809.  We were both struck by how much Lewis had accomplished in a very short life.  We have met many wonderful people in the small towns we have visited.  They are warm, genuine, welcoming and great family folk.  Many of the people we have met have been born and raised in the same town and really haven't ventured much outside their county.  What a stark contrast to an explorer like Lewis.  We wondered what is inside people like our early pioneers and our current day astronauts, deep sea explorers and scientists that drive them to venture out into uncharted territory?  The Natchez Trace truly does bring history to life and you can't but help admire the fortitude and courageous spirit of the early Aboriginal tribes and pioneers.  Quite something!

Monument - Meriwether Lewis Historical Site

Old Trace

A huge thunder storm rolled in during the afternoon and we were forced to run for cover.  We ended up beside the Tennessee River, huddled together under a bridge watching the torrential rain pour down.  Mother Nature put on quite a show and we were grateful to have found cover as the storm passed over us.  After the rain ends, it feels like a sauna and you can actually see the steam rising off the street.

Rain delay

Angry sky near Natchez Trace

We arrived at Tishomingo State Park, wet, tired and a little grumpy but our spirits were lifted when learned hot showers awaited us!  As we ate dinner, we were enchanted by the sight of fireflies.  We have a beautiful campsite beside the lake and as we head to bed the sound of the lake fills the air. 

Tishomingo State Park - Natchez Trace

Giggle of the day:

We were delighted to visit the Wayne County Welcome Centre in Collinwood.  (a must see if you are planning a trip along the Natchez Trace).  We received a warm welcome from a hometown hero - a USA vet who was one of the first 500 soldiers in Kuwait.  We got chatting and turns out the Welcome Centre was having computer problems.  Say no more!  RW Networks at your service.  In exchange for coffee and cookies (chocolate chip!) Rob got their computer working - talk about a remote service call!

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