Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weather Warnings - another Weiss Vacation!

For years we have faced ridicule from family and friends about weather.  It never seems to fail that when we plan a vacation….the areas we visit tend to experience the “worst weather in years, decades or the century.”  It has become such a pattern, that friends will often ask for our vacation dates so that they can plan to avoid them!

With this in mind, we have been watching the forecasts for North Dakota and Minnesota on a daily basis and are glued to the Paul Bunyan trail head webcam…anxiously watching the snow melt!

Our weather watch:
  • After days of torrential rains, Midwesterners find themselves watching rivers and tributaries rise — a sharp contrast to the region’s drought that months earlier had sucked the Mississippi so dry that barge traffic was threatened.
  •  "We encourage people to prepare for a flood of record," U.S. National Weather Service meteorologist Greg Gust said from Grand Forks on Wednesday.
  • …and today in the Bemidji Pioneer ….”Lake Bemidji could still be covered in ice for opening day of the fishing season.”
    The good news – the river is forecast to peak in two days…we leave in two weeks.
      Fingers crossed that the flooding is not severe and local families will come through with flying colours.
More Cross Training - River that is!  Barge to Barnston Island, Surrey BC

There is no such thing as bad weather just bad gear…..we sincerely hope this saying rings true!