Friday, March 29, 2013


One of the most common questions Rob and I have been asked about our cycling trip is WHY? 

Great question!

Rob and I have always shared a passion for the outdoors and a desire to see what’s around the next bend.   We have enjoyed many a family kayak, canoe or hiking trip with long hours spent laughing, teasing, negotiating and/or arguing about GPS points, compass settings and defining what makes a perfect camping spot.

During a dinner party, friends suggested we read a new bestseller called Younger Next Year, by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge.  At first, we must admit we felt we weren't quite ready to be thinking of the last third of our lives.  However, to be polite we agreed to read the book and it changed how we thought about our lives and how it was time for us to set big goals for ourselves and embrace the future.  We found our kedge so to speak.  We had always wanted to do a long bike tour to combine our love of cycling and the outdoors, but found ourselves making, family, money.  We made a conscious decision to put excuses aside and came up with the dream of cycling to New Orleans. Let the training begin!

This past year has also been our first year as empty nesters, and we have watched with great pride as our children embrace life!  They strive to pursue their interests and passions with courage, commitment and optimism.  Ian, Adam and Emma have taught us to just GO FOR IT …and so to mark our first year as empty nesters, we decided to close up shop for a couple of months and embark on an adventure.

Our goal is cycle from the headwaters of the Mississippi River to New Orleans….let’s just say that sipping a cold Hurricane and listening to sweet jazz on Bourbon Street in New Orleans will be the ultimate prize!  We will keep you posted!